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Firmware Engineers in 3D Prining – 3D Printing Engineering Jobs

Are you a Product Manager? Are you are a sales professional? Are you a Mechanical Engineer? Click on the links to find out more about your career opportunties in additive manufacturing.

The additive manufacturing industry is addressing issues mainly related to the hardware (reliability of the 3D printers, speed and cost of the equipment), materials and software.

The main reason behind these challenges is the lack of qualified talented professionals, both in engineering and sales, that it’s slowing down the development of this new industrial revolution.

That’s exactly what Alexander Daniels Global and 3DPrintingJobs.Info solve. By being specialised exclusively in additive manufacturing, we connect talented professionals with exciting and strategic roles in the 3D printing industry.

Today we would like to highlight the lack of engineering professionals and narrow down the profile and talk about an important role, the firmware engineer in 3D printing.

Are you the firmware engineer that will enable the new industrial revolution? Here the answer!

You have a very good understanding of C++, modern operating systems (especially Linux) and low level real time firmware development. 

In addition to that, as additional skills, you have experience in embedded software development, electrical & mechanical processes and you know about FPGAs.

Did we describe your profile? If you feel like starting your career in the new industrial revolution, we would be glad to let you know more about the exciting career opportunities in the 3D printing industry available for you.

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