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Mechanical engineers in 3D printing – 3D Printing Engineering jobs

Two weeks ago, we talked about the job of the “owner” of the 3D printer (Product Manager in 3D printing). Last week, we introduced you the position of a sales professional in 3D printing (Sales Manager in 3D Printing).

This week, we will talk about another important position, a 3D printing engineering job, the 3D printing mechanical design engineer.

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The mechanical design engineer in 3D printing is the professional in charge of the mechanical design of the 3D printer and, as you know, in additive manufacturing we have different technologies.

In addition to the different technologies, we also have to take into account the size and the applications of the 3D printer.

Have you designed an open source FDM 3D printer? Could you see yourself designing an industrial FDM 3D printer? Is it the same to design a SLA 3D printer than a powder based 3D printer?

In terms of talent scarcity and skills gap in 3D printing, the 3D printing Mechanical Engineer for a powder based 3D printer is the most complicated profile among the rest of Mechanical Engineers of other technologies.

In order to be able to design the subsystems of such a machine you should understand about the metallic/alloy powder materials, on material structural analysis while and after the 3D printing processes and on the post processing treatment.

So, the metal and plastic powder 3D printer manufacturers are looking for professionals with experience in both mechanical engineering, material science and additive manufacturing. If you have this experience, you have a very good understanding on analysing the mechanical devices and mechanisms managing the powder inside the machine.

Do you have experience on that? What do you think that are the main challenges when designing powder based 3D printer in terms of safety and undesired effects of the powder? Please, drop me an email as I may have a very relevant career opportunity within a leading 3D printing company.

On the other hand, SLA/DLP machines don’t process powder but they work with resins. A SLA 3D printer manufacturer would be looking for a professional willing to apply the principles of physics and science mechanics specifically towards the design of a moving mechanical system: gears and gear trains, belt and chain drives, cam and follower mechanisms, and linkages as well as friction devices such as brakes and clutches, and structural components such as the frame, fasteners, bearings, springs, lubricants and seals, as well as a variety of specialized machine elements such as splines, pins and keys.

Sounds like an interesting and important position, doesn’t it? If you have an industrial machine design background, your chances to get this job are higher.

In general, for this 3D printing engineering job, the requirements are: experience with industrial mechanism design, Solid Works CAD expertise, background in materials (powder, resins, filaments, ink, agents…), and knowledge in fluid mechanics and finite element analysis.

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