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3D Printing Jobs in Europe, United States and Asia – 3D Printing Sales Manager

After 2 years identifying talents in 3D printing, we can say confidently that there is a talent shortage in the additive manufacturing industry.

The 3D printing industry is growing at +60% annually and there is no university or training institution that can train professionals at such rate.

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What are the suitable 3D printing career opportunities available for me now or for the future?

Is my profile interesting for the 3D printing industry?

What do I need in terms of experience or qualifications to step in 3D Printing?

How can I become a talent in additive manufacturing?

For example, could you see yourself as 3D Printing Product Manager? Take a look to find out: 3D Printing Product Manager

3D Printing Sales Manager

These are the questions that the leading 3D printing companies will ask you in order to understand if you are the right person for sales positions in 3D printing:

In order to carry out this position successfully you will have to have expertise in Strategy, Sales and Marketing.

Can you show us how you are going to accelerate the already rapid company growth? What’s your plan when defining and implementing sales strategies?

You will be selling directly to key accounts and also through distributors.

What’s your experience in direct sales, channel management and technical sales management across hardware, service and software?

The 3D Printing Sales Manager is in continuous contact with the “heart” or “engine” of the company, the clients.

Could you let us know a situation in which you had an impact in product development based on the feedback gathered from your interaction with clients?

Trade shows are very important to gain awareness and get leads.

How do you think that you could assist the Marketing team on the preparation of TCT, Formnext, Euromod, AMUG, Rapid…? What’s the right exhibition to attend?

In such a dynamic industry, creating successful case studies is key to gain awareness and develop future accounts.

Do you have experience in growing reference customers and build effective relationships?

Are you a box-shifter? That’s okay, but you are not the kind of professional that the 3D printing industry is looking for. They are looking for an individual with a solution selling and consultative approach with the ability to provide technical training for distributors, new employees and sales force.

Show me all what you know about additive manufacturing! How is additive manufacturing affecting the traditional way of manufacturing? What are the current and future applications of 3D printing in the Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Goods, Medical, Engineering Education, tooling and energy industries? And if you want to go deeper: what’s the right technology for each applications? Is FDM, SLA, DLP, CLIP, SLS, DMLS, SLM, EBM, UAM…?

If you successfully answered the questions stated above and are passionate about the new industrial revolution, you are the 3D printing sales manager that the additive manufacturing is looking for.

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