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 Today, we would like to start a series of articles about the main positions or jobs that the 3D printing industry is recruiting.

  • What are the suitable career opportunities available for me now?
  • Is my profile interesting for the 3D printing industry?
  • What do I need in terms of experience or qualifications to step in 3D Printing?
  • How can I become a talent in additive manufacturing?

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The first article is…

Our first post will be about an important role for a 3D printer manufacturer, the “owner” of the 3D printer, the professional developing and managing an additive manufacturing device, the 3D Printing Product Manager.

Job: 3D Printing Product Manager

What’s the segment or vertical that we want to develop? What’s important for them? Do we really have a strong and compelling value proposition? Can we deliver this 3D printing solution by ourselves or we need to partner with 3rd parties? How do we position our 3D printer compared to the competition? What’s the distribution and pricing strategy that we are going to carry out?

Sounds like an exciting position, doesn’t it?

In order to answer these questions, the 3D printer manufacturers expect you to have experience in:

  • Marketing Product Management (Product, pricing, promotion and positioning of 3D software and/or 3D printers)
  • Working and collaborating with R&D teams,
  • Additive manufacturing competitive landscape and 3D printing market trends,
  • Dealing with the aerospace, automotive, medical/ dental/ orthopaedic, tooling or energy industry, and
  • Financial analysis of new product launches and during the whole product lifecycle

Okay, I have relevant experience. But do I have the right personality to work in such a growing and innovative industry?

They look for professionals passionate about additive manufacturing with a proactive attitude and always thinking “out of the box”. Basically, a positive team player with a “can-do” personality.

These are not only words, that’s the reality of the 3D printing market based on our work as a specialised recruitment company in the field.

Could you see yourself as 3D printing product marketing manager? Is this the kind of position that you would like to hear more about?

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