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Welcome to a new article about 3D Printing jobs and what makes someone be a talent in 3D Printing.

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Imagine you break your leg, and you go to the doctor. They make a custom mold using 3D printing and they insert a monitor. This monitor sends information in real time to your doctor to monitor recovery and will therefore save you time and make the recovery be faster. Not amazing? That’s Exovite (www.exovite.com)


Here you have the interview with Juan Monzón Fabregat, CEO of Exovite.

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Why working at Exovite is exciting? How is the team?

Working at Exovite is a daily challenge and it requires dedication and hardworking. The team is exceptional, I sincerely think that there is no team like the one we have. It has been difficult to bring them together and I often wonder what would have happened if the team had not performed they way they did it.

What is a talent in 3D printing for Exovite?

To me you have to keep several things into account: knowledge of current technology, open-minded and creative capacity. 3D printing, the same way than computers, will have many branches and the degree of knowledge now, in my opinion, can be divided into: Extrusion FFF, mechanics, programming, computer vision and 3D scanning, electronic, print SLA, DLP print and new materials. I understand, therefore, that at the end it will be necessary to have expertise in those areas.

What were the main challenges when finding these professionals?

3d printing is finally a matter of hardware, unlike the software requires that the equipment is working closer and it is difficult to find good staff for each of the areas which we operate.

What would it be the profiles that Exovite would be looking for (even for the future)?

We need people who know about Materials, Printing DLP, Extruders FFF, computer vision and electronics.

What do you expect from each of the profiles? (For different departments: R & D, Marketing, HR, Sales, Product Management …)

Professionalism, willingness to learn and an open mind.

What would the ideal candidate in terms of training and previous experience?

  Our ideal candidate would be someone that has learn by themselves or belonging to a research group related to any of these fields: Extrusion FFF, mechanics, programming, computer vision and 3D scanning, electronic , printing SLA, DLP and printing new materials.

What sectors are you focusing on and therefore what experience you value the most in a candidate?

 Our field of action is the development of traumatology and physiotherapy treatments using new technologies, both to avoid injury to recover in a more effective, more convenient for the patient and cheaper for everyone. That is our focus and our sector.

If the professional does not have experience in 3D printing, what industries / experience do you consider interesting?

Electronic medical devices, CE experience, manufacturing and tooling design and augmented reality.

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