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Are you considered a talented professional in 3D printing or additive manufacturing? Let´s see if you could easily apply for a 3D Printing job.

Sicnova Group (www.sicnova3D.com) is a company dedicated to the 3D technology sector operating in 3D printing since 2007.

In recent years they have become one of the indisputable references in the field of 3D in Spain as official distributor of 3D Systems and more recently as a manufacturer of their own 3D printers.

Sicnova Group has a good understanding in 3D metal printing, 3D plastic printing, 3D Scanning and 3D software.

“We are the distributor of 3D printers and 3D scanners, both personal and professional, most important in Spain” says Juan Manuel Capel, Head of R&D Sicnova Group.

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What is a 3D printing talent for Sicnova Group?

“Being a talent in additive manufacturing is being versatile. It requires having knowledge of mechanics, electronics, computers, electricity and chemistry without leaving any side. These fields are the basis to develop a 3D printer as well as having experience in the world of 3D printing, ” says Capel.

“Providing a great 3D printing service is crucial to identify systems that work and those that do not “he says.

Future 3D printing jobs at Sicnova Group will demand all the skills mentioned above but also, really important, being proactive and curious about additive manufacturing, its possibilities and applications. These aspects are a must to find a job in 3D printing.

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Group Sicnova is now in the path of expansion and internationalization, with the intention of being present in more countries this year, so in the coming months is expected to open 3D printing job opportunities in Spain and hiring professionals in various fields.

Sicnova 3D printing jobs

Ángel Llavero, CEO of the company, emphasizes the need to capture “very talented professionals who are able to develop new technologies for 3D scanning or 3D printing, tailored to specific sectors“.

There are mainly two types of profiles that are relevant for Sicnova Group for the 3D printing job opportunities they expect to launch in the coming months.

“We want to recruit excellent  R&D engineers, 3D printing talents who have experience in the world of 3D printing / additive manufacturing and 3D scanning and can provide development opportunities, or create an interesting project that has not been introduced with market success, “Mr Llavero said.

In addition, it will also be necessary to hire engineers with skills and knowledge in the 3D printing technology and products sold by Sicnova group.

Prudencio Lozano, General Manager at Sicnova Group, gives us more insight about the profile they would be considering for the future 3D printing jobs in Spain: “people who believe in the project and with a positive attitude.”

“In this type of projects where technology is still progressing and evolving, more than intelligence, which is necessary of course, they need people to be persistent, be faithful to the defined goals and never give up on achieving them ” he concludes.

Synergies between the team members and the collaborative attitude and fellowship are therefore fundamental features for the progress of the 3D printing company.

Sicnova 3D Printer

The clear example of what Sicnova Group can make following the culture described above it’s their new 3D industrial printer Sicnova JCR 1000, introduced worldwide in the 3D Print Show of Madrid. High volume printing (1000x600x600mm), supporting a variety of materials and low cost.

This printer has been developed by a team of Juan Manuel Capel, Javier Morales, Pablo Murillo and David Martinez equipment. A very young small team, who with much effort, passion and talent have managed to create from scratch a high-tech products to meet market needs.

In this machine a part from wisdom, hours of study and testing  you find passion. Passion for our work is something that could define the team. Working on something that we really like and even it has become our hobby, it’s a pleasure “says Juan Manuel Capel, head of the R&D Sicnova Group.

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